Keep out of reach of untrained ears

Warning: if you think you may have untrained ears, we strongly advise you not to jump ahead to step 5! 
We created a thoroughly tested 5 step program in order to make it possible to listen to this music safely.

If you feel you're not ready to go any further just yet, it's better to repeat your last step and go over it a few more times. 
If you're up for it, continue with the next step.

  1. For your eyes only
    No music yet, just a few pictures that will reveal some of the secret ingredients used to create this album. 
    Click here. 

  2. Hold your breath: the secret ingredients for underwater music
    Check this one-minute video to see how we did it. The music you hear is part of the song 'ateraar'. 
    Click here.

  3. Official Ateraar video
    If you're still breathing, you can push it one step further: check the official video of the song 'ateraar'. 
    Click here.

  4. Almost there
    Okay, if you're still with us, but still feel a bit scared, go to this page to check out some more audio and video. 
    Click here.

  5. Buy it here
    Congratulations! You just officially completed this very stressful test. Celebrate by buying yourself Lagerfeltz's debut album 'Aar' here.